There are alternate approaches to making your brand relevant for local markets. You can centralize all of your marketing efforts in one place, building a team of people to execute all individual requests from a long list of regions, agents and sales teams. Or you can decentralize your efforts and give control to the local managers and sales teams to develop their own materials.


One approach gives you complete control of your brand, but puts a massive burden on you and your team. The other gives your local teams control, but risks brand consistency.


There’s a better way. Our Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems and solutions allow you to centralize and control all key brand assets and messaging within a comprehensive system. It gives local representatives an easy interface to effortlessly customize and effectively implement campaigns, messaging and promotions. It enables relevant, local communication across both digital and traditional channels – from interactive displays to direct mail.


This central approach offers the best of both worlds, giving you total control over your brand, but also giving local markets the ability to properly customize messaging and design elements as needed. Better outcome, less effort, more ways to optimize your work. That’s what simplified systems really means.

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