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How Kona Ice Managed Its Rapid Growth with Technology | Franchising.com
Scaling its marketing operation to serve its growing franchisee community was no small feat for the company, which handles all creative in house. So how does Kona keep its cool while serving nearly 600 franchisees?
How Marketers Can Be Strategic Influencers, & Why Their Input Is Key for Companies | Mktg Profs
"Marketing's strategic input is essential for companies looking to succeed in today's continually transforming business environment," according to Vya infographic.
Wayback Burgers: 7 Essential Ingredients for Grand Opening Success | Franchising.com
You only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s why a successful grand opening event is such an important part of introducing a new franchise location to a local community.
4 Steps for Localized Marketing | Business2Community.com
Making a local connection can be a good way to capture your audience’s attention. But, how do you effectively adapt your content to local buyers and markets?
4 Tips to Scale Localized Marketing in a Growing Business | Business2Community.com
It’s exciting to be part of a growing business. But growth can also be stressful, especially for the corporate marketing department.
Streamline These 4 Marketing Areas to Boost Productivity | Business2Community.com
When you manage marketing campaigns and processes across a distributed organization, there are often opportunities to increase your marketing productivity and create scale to connect efficiently with more consumers at the local level.
Help Your Franchisees Boost Local Marketing with Community Sponsorships | Franchising.com
How much did your franchisees spend on community sponsorships last year? Besides the feel-good benefit, what kind of return did that investment generate for your local franchisees and your franchise brand overall?
Ensuring Brand Consistency in a Distributed Marketing Model | Business2Community.com
Overseeing brand consistency in communications with customers and prospects can be challenging for any organization, and especially challenging in a distributed marketing model. Brand consistency across these channels is critical.
How Marketing as a Service Works for Lean Marketing Teams | Business2Community.com
Digital channels, automation & a multitude of platforms have helped expand the marketer’s role, requiring expanded skills and increased IT investment. Yet most marketing teams remain understaffed & overburdened.
Do The Math: Proving Marketing Resource Management ROI | BrandQuarterly.com
It takes a deft hand to manage marketing programs across a distributed organization like a franchise business with hundreds of local franchisees, or a bank or other business with multiple locations or branches.
Word of Mouth and Local Marketing Play Well Together | franchising.com
Franchisees resist participating in local marketing programs for a number of reasons, from lack of time, to a perception that local marketing doesn’t work, or perhaps they don’t know what works.
How to Win at Community Sponsorships | ABA Bank Marketing
How much did your bank spend on community sponsorships last year? Besides the feel-good benefit and the opportunity to fulfill community reinvestment obligations, what kind of return did that investment generate locally or overall?
Don’t Get Mired in Marketing Minutiae | B2C.com
Have you ever felt like you can never get out from under your task list long enough to carve out some real creative or strategic thinking time?
Curb compliance costs ahead of the next wave of regulation | CUinsight.com
Marketers at financial institutions face a growing number of compliance and regulatory challenges and obstacles. From managing direct mail and email opt-outs to co-branding activities and disclosures.
Here We Grow: Four Tips to Scale Localized Marketing | MarketingProfs.com
It's exciting to be part of a growing business. But growth can also be stressful, especially for the corporate marketing department. In fact, sometimes growth can cripple your business if you do not have the resources to adequately support it.
7 Ways to Simplify Branch Marketing Operations | thefinancialbrand.com
Is branch marketing giving you a headache? How can you strike the right balance between empowering branches against the clear need for oversight in order to maintain compliance and brand consistency?
ABA Bank Marketing Feature: 5 Ways to Use Automated Marketing
Bank marketers face a variety of challenges when it comes to managing dispersed local marketing resources and campaigns.