Balance local sales needs with an easy corporate approval process, and help minimize your compliance risk.

Minimizing compliance risk and ensuring marketing materials meet regulations is a serious consideration for many companies. Content and distribution is often subject to numerous requirements. Keeping those straight, and making sure local teams are adhering to regulations can seem like a complex, daunting task. Vya can help change that. With Vya Systems, you can streamline and manage local marketing efforts to minimize compliance risk and give your company the safeguards it needs in case of an audit. Our automated, electronic approval process helps you track, review and approve marketing materials before they reach consumers. Comprehensive data management support ensures distribution requirements, including mail and email, are met.


Balance the need to get local teams the tools and resources they need, with the oversight that’s critical to your business. Our team is standing by, ready to help you find the right solutions that help reduce your compliance risk. With our team’s support and dedication, we are committed to developing systems that work for you, and make your job easier, more productive and more impactful.


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Streamline, simplify local marketing initiatives
Benefits of MRM
Connecting with local consumers through local sales channels can become complex. Marketing resource management can help make local marketing simple again. Share key benefits on how MRM can help you achieve important business goals.
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Overcoming common marketing challenges may be easier than you thought. Learn how you can improve local marketing, compliance, brand consistency and more.
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