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There is a smarter way to manage marketing assets across your distributed organization. A marketing portal could be the solution to your marketing operations challenges.

What is a Marketing Portal?

There are several approaches to making your brand relevant for local markets. You can centralize all of your marketing efforts in one place, building a team of people to execute all individual requests from a long list of regions, agents and sales teams. But, this puts a massive burden on you and your team. Another option is to decentralize your efforts and give control to your local managers and sales teams to develop their own materials. This gives your local teams control, but puts brand consistency at risk.

There is a smarter way to manage distributed marketing operations. A marketing portal, sometimes referred to as a marketing resource management system or marketing asset management system, is a digital platform that enables you to house and manage all of your marketing materials in one place, accessible by marketing teams and approved users across your company.

What a Marketing Portal Can Do for Your Company.

A marketing portal is a centralized, digital asset management system that gives you total control over your brand, but also enables local markets to customize messaging and design elements to resonate more deeply with their local customers.

Give local representatives an easy interface to effortlessly customize and effectively implement campaigns, messaging and promotions.

Enable relevant, local communication across digital and traditional channels – from social media ads to direct mail.

Centralize and control key brand assets, messaging and campaigns within a comprehensive system across all of your distributed locations.

Integrate additional marketing capabilities including print production and campaign execution to create even greater impact and value across your marketing programs.

Key Features of a Marketing Portal

Marketing portal capabilities vary widely, from basic web-to-print tools to full-featured digital asset management systems that optimize the management of marketing assets across distributed business units, locations and territories. A well-developed and configured marketing portal optimizes the user experience so that you can maximize the impact on your marketing programs and business objectives. Key features include:

User and Location Profile Management…

to save time and increase accuracy with auto—customized materials and campaigns.

Multi-Brand & Multi-Location Management…

to optimize efficiency and ROI across multiple brands, locations and territories from within a single account.

Direct Mail and EDDM® on Demand…

for authorized, turnkey direct marketing, triggered locally.

Portal System Support Capabilities and Resources…

to keep users productive and relieve the burden on your corporate team.

Creative Requests Management…

to increase efficiency, local relevance and brand consistency.

Approval Workflows…

to ensure brand consistency and quality of marketing materials.

Regular Software Updates…

to keep your marketing portal running smoothly and optimally.

Budget Management…

to simplify the process of assigning, tracking, reviewing, and approving budgets and co-op funds.

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