Marketing solutions that motivate manufacturing dealers, retailers and distributors.

Your Manufacturing Marketing Is Only as Strong as Your Local Channel Partnerships

Manufacturing marketing relies on your ability to persuade channel partners to sell and manage your products. Support and incentives like co-op marketing and marketing development funds are essential to achieving your marketing goals. You also need to ensure consistent branding and relevant marketing at the local level. But motivating local dealers and retailers to use your marketing systems, MDF and co-op funds and approved marketing materials can be tricky. This is why Vya has developed a solution that enables your partners to easily access, customize and print your approved marketing materials and campaigns, and order these assets using trackable MDF and co-op funds.

Local Channel Partner-Focused Solution for Manufacturing Marketing

For manufacturing marketers, reaching local markets requires strong relationships with local dealers, retailers and distributors. We understand how to support these relationships so you can grow your manufacturing business.

  • Gain critical insights, share best practices and streamline your process with Vya budgeting features.
  • Assign, track and review co-op, MDF and local marketing budgets for dealers, retailers and distributors spread across regions.
  • Track and use MDF and co-op marketing programs effectively to deepen your engagement with local channel partners and deliver significant ROI.
  • Empower manufacturing dealers, retailers and distributors with easy access to customizable marketing materials and campaigns that will engage their local markets.
  • Invest in manufacturing marketing systems and resources that prove to your local sales partners that you value their knowledge of their local audiences and what messages will resonate with customers.
  • Make it easier on yourself and your local sales partners by grouping multiple pieces into kits for simplified ordering.
  • Focus your time where it needs to be – on strategic marketing initiatives.

Local intelligence – there’s nothing artificial about it.

Drive local channel success with local-level marketing that is simplified with templated marketing assets configured specifically to local target profiles.

One system supports end-to-end field marketing operations.

With Vya, you can manage everything in one place – marketing assets, campaigns, budgets and funding, and more – enabling local partners to access, customize and order materials using their MDF or co-op funds.

Features Designed for Manufacturing Marketers

An Industry-Focused Approach to Manufacturing Marketing

Working closely with our manufacturing clients, we’ve been able to develop solutions that truly impact the success of local marketing operations. Better managed workflows, local sales partner-focused features and UX, and the ability to customize and automate local campaigns that drive dealer, retailer and distributor participation, customer engagement and revenue.

Marketing Materials

Provide POP materials and various types of static or customizable marketing collateral for download or print from Vya’s production facility.


Group multiple pieces into kits for simplified ordering. Example applications include limited time offers (LTOs), and event kits.

Direct Mail & EDDM®

Provide customizable mailers to local dealers, retailers and distributors which can be printed and distributed from Vya’s production facility. Every Door Direct Mail ® (EDDM®) carrier routes can also be selected through the system.


Provide local dealers, retailers and distributors email templates with customizable fields sent from an individual or no reply email. Unsubscribes are tracked and managed. eNewsletters can be sent automatically on the user’s behalf.

Campaign Automation & Subscription Services

Enroll local dealers, retailers and distributors and manage their participation in set-it-and-forget-it marketing campaigns and services.

Creative Requests

Enable local dealers, retailers and distributors to request changes to existing marketing materials or request new materials through the platform. Manage requests and creative development through automated workflows.

Budget Management

Assign, track, review and approve budgets; manage co-op funds. Enable select managers to manage different funds. Distribute funds to local dealers, retailers and distributors and transfer funds as necessary.

Insights for Manufacturing Marketers

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