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You work hard to build a great brand around your products. And you have to rely on your dealers and retailers to sell your product locally. They know their communities better than anyone, so give them control. But, control creates it own set of headaches. Chief among them: access to marketing materials and lack of consistency.


At Vya, we understand the challenges manufacturing companies face when working across multiple markets and making sure partners have the information and resources they need to reach local audiences – from compelling marketing materials to the latest information on sales and promotions. Most importantly, the process of getting them what they need must be simple. That’s why we’ve built a new solution. Our marketing resource management tool gives you control, simplifies your marketing workflow, and is backed by a team of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to ensure our solutions and systems are easy to use for you and your partners. We’re doing more than just streamlining local marketing initiatives and ensuring partners are properly representing your brand and reaching local customers; we’re engaging with users and developing the right solutions that work for you.

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One of the things, I think, that really sets Vya apart is our commitment to supporting our clients. We will always go that extra mile to deliver the solutions, training or systems you need.
– Terry Brokamp
Senior Vice President, Vya