Allan Greer

Allan Greer

With experience as both an entrepreneur and a professional at marketing firms, Allan brings a customer centric perspective to our discussions.


Allan Greer

Allan Greer

With experience as both an entrepreneur and a professional at marketing firms, Allan brings a customer centric perspective to our discussions.

Bank marketing is in a constant state of transformation. Join Allan Greer, as he interviews bank marketing leaders about current trends, new marketing technologies, branding, and the state of the banking industry.


If you are a marketing executive in the banking and financial industry, the Bank Marketing Today by Vya podcast is an easy way to gain useful insights each month by hearing directly from your peers. It’s like an audio roundtable for bank marketing executives.


Listen to episodes here by clicking the players on this page, or by asking Alexa to “Play Bank Marketing Today by Vya,” or by using your favorite podcast app.




Why the Role of the Marketer is that of the Customer Expert

Who is responsible for being a customer expert? Francesco Lagutaine, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, M&T Bank shares the importance of active listening and why bank marketer’s need a seat at the executive table to represent the voice of the customer.


Innovative Approaches for Post-Merger Rebranding

How do you develop a new brand and culture when two impressive financial institutions combine? Jackie Hooper, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer Cadence Bank, shares lessons learned from a recent rebranding effort, why you can’t overlook the emotional ties a brand has built, and why sonic branding is more important than ever.


Applying Data Lessons Learned from B2C Experiences to the B2B World

What data lessons can you extract from B2C experiences and apply to the B2B world? John Stefek, SVP, Director of Marketing at Enterprise Bank and Trust shares the similarities between consumer and business marketing and the differences to be aware of.


How to Find the Balance Between Marketing’s In-house Talent & External Agencies

Should bank marketing leaders go in-house, partner with agencies, or take a hybrid approach to marketing operations? Tom McEntee, Chief Marketing Officer, NBT Bank shares how to best leverage your in-house talent and external agencies for maximum results.


Storytelling for Social Good

How do you practice storytelling for the power of good? Corey Dall SVP, Director of Marketing at First Bank explains how to keep your culture vibrant and make your mission come alive.



How to Build a Brand Internally & Why All Great Brands are Operational

How do you connect customer experience to marketing? Erin Pryor, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer & Client Experience at First Horizon Bank, describes how to align your organization around your purpose and explains why all great brands are operational.



Marketing is the Heart of the Matter

What matters in banking? Mark Pedrotti, SVP, Director of Marketing at Berkshire Bank, shares what matters most when banking and how marketing sits right at the center of the discussion.


“Don’t Stop Believing” - You Can Make a Positive Impact in Banking

What does it mean to be purpose-driven in the banking industry? Laura Sullivan Ethridge, EVP Chief Marketing Officer of Hancock Whitney Bank, explains how to make a positive impact through authentic banking relationships, and marketing’s responsibility to intentionally tell your organization’s stories.


CX is the New Marketing

What happens when you bring together CX and Marketing responsibilities? Charles Freeman, SVP Director Marketing & Client Experience Officer, Academy Bank, describes how combining CX and Marketing can empower you to keep your brand promise and your experience delivery aligned.


Revolutionizing Marketing Through Operational Excellence

How to develop a new organizational structure based on marketing operational excellence. Sean Hampton, SVP Chief Marketing Officer at BOK Financial discusses redefining your marketing department as a business with an ROI and not just an operational cost.


The Importance of Managing CX and UX Together

How do you keep your focus on the customer while keeping pace with technology and digital transformation? Dorian Hansen, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Operations & Digital Transformation at Investors Bank, joins us to share stories of how she leads with an emphasis on innovation while keeping the customer first.


How to create sustained data-driven, organic growth

Learn the importance of performance-based marketing. Jim Stadler, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, First Midwest Bank shares why even in the midst of acquisitions, financial institutions must stay focused on organic growth by leveraging data.


How to bring a brand story to life in an industry undergoing consolidation and acquisitions

When your bank is involved in an acquisition, where do you even begin when it comes to crafting a unified brand story? Eric Giesecke, CMO, WesBanco walks us through his experience with uncovering a bank’s brand story and then building brand awareness in the midst of an acquisition.


How to bring cross functional teams together to focus on the strategic side of marketing

How do you stay strategic when faced with day to day tactical requests? Kevin Mackiewicz, Vice President and Marketing Director, Wealth & Asset Management at Fifth Third Bank joins us to discuss his philosophy for bringing teams together and staying focused on the big picture.

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