Solving your most common local marketing challenges may be easier than you think.

Every day, you work with branches and officers spread across many different regions – all with the same goal: reaching consumers with relevant, compelling materials and campaigns. That means you have a daunting task ahead of you: ensuring compliance, supporting multiple sales requests and maintaining brand consistency are just a few of your local marketing stress points unique to the finance industry.


Vya can help deliver the tools and resources you need to work with you, and streamline your marketing operations. We’ve built a fully integrated marketing resource management tool, backed by an eager support team, to work alongside your systems and processes. We’re dedicated to helping you meet each of your unique local marketing challenges with better managed workflows and a simple framework that empowers your teams to customize campaigns for local markets easily and consistently, every time.

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Because of the Vya model, we enjoy all the streamlining benefits of the marketing platform without the systems management headaches.
– Amy Lowers
Vice President and Regional Marketing Officer, WesBanco Bank