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We Understand What Financial Services Marketers Are Up Against

The banking and financial services industry creates a unique set of challenges for marketers – intense competition, regulatory and compliance measures, distributed frontline operations encompassing dozens to hundreds of locations, and an M&A environment that demands the ability to scale marketing capabilities to support rapid growth.

Vya helps you navigate all of it by providing marketing resource management systems and print production services backed by our exceptional service and support, so you can tame your challenges and achieve your marketing goals.

Frontline-Focused Solution for Bank & Financial Services Marketing

We understand the importance of your frontlines. You rely on local branch teams across the regions you serve to make meaningful connections with local customers. Vya has developed the tools and resources you need to support your frontlines and drive marketing impact.

  • Enable customizable content that makes your corporate campaigns resonate with local markets
  • Develop local brand advocates with marketing automation and customization features that empower and activate branch teams to support your marketing campaigns
  • Meet people where they are with cross-channel engagement, including locally customizable direct mail, email, advertising, and collateral, as well as support for local community events
  • Decrease the time spent on managing and responding to ad hoc requests from branch teams and other internal departments
  • Enable strategic insight into project status as well as marketing material usage, spending, and user engagement
  • Enjoy a streamlined, digital process for creative request and project management as well as sponsorship and other requests
  • Reduce the administrative burden associated with managing subscription-based, local-level marketing programs
  • Simplify branch merchandizing by combining system features with Vya’s production and distribution support
  • Streamline and digitize marketing operations, enabling your marketing team to be more strategic in day-to-day activities
  • Scale your marketing organization following a merger or acquisition
  • Establish and manage access to marketing assets as appropriate

Data That Keeps You on Target

Vya helps you unlock the formula for banking and financial services marketing success. Data is the key to targeting the right customers, at the right time, with the right message, via the right channel.

Compliance and Disclosure Management Made Easy

Vya’s system puts you in control and keep frontlines in line with regulatory compliance.

  • Approved, corporate-branded, locally customizable materials and campaigns facilitate compliance at the local level.
  • Auto population of appropriate disclosures in marketing assets and campaigns makes compliance easy.
  • Approval workflows ensure compliance teams view and sign off on materials, campaigns and local sponsorships.

Competitive Advantage

In the ultra-competitive banking and financial services market, your frontline marketing needs to be compelling and well-executed. Vya enables you to claim your competitive advantage by helping you ensure consistency of your brand across all local markets, target the right customers, and easily adapt your marketing as trends evolve.

Features for Bank & Financial Services Marketers

An Industry-Focused Approach to Bank and Financial Services Marketing

Working closely with our bank and financial services customers, we’ve been able to develop solutions that truly impact the success of their local marketing operations. Better managed workflows, frontline-focused features and UX, and the ability to customize and automate local campaigns that support compliance and disclosure requirements.

Budget Management

Assign, track, review, and approve budgets. Enable select managers to manage different funds. Distribute funds to users and transfer funds as necessary.

Compliance Management

Provide approved, compliant, templated materials. Workflow management includes legal and compliance approval.

Disclosure Management (Global Fields)

Auto-update disclosure information across all affected assets by revising them once in a single global field. Also use for interest rate updates.

Community Events

Compliant, templated community events marketing materials that users can easily customize, such as flyers, promotional items, banners, ads, logos, etc., that can easily be resized for various marketing channels.

In-House Development Team

Vya is committed to continuous development of the UX ensuring frontline users remain engaged in using the system. We control the product roadmap and keep pace with updates from user feedback and changing marketing environment.

Approval Workflows

Customized pieces and requests can be automatically routed through workflows for review and approval.

Location Profile Management

Extensive data for each location is captured in the Vya system. Data can be auto-populated on templated items and/or order quantities can be auto-populated.

Branch Merchandizing (Auto-Order Placement)

Materials, kits or campaigns that are required for multiple locations are automatically ordered on each branch’s behalf. Users receive order tracking information. Item quantities can be automatically determined based on location profile data. Vya can produce assemble, and fulfill the kits.

Request Management

Automate the process of collecting, approving, processing, and tracking requests from local users.

Creative Production Management

Review templates configured by the Vya team and manage custom creative development requests from users. Provide mark-ups and feedback. Route through automated workflows and track all current and past projects.

Data Management Systems

Systems scrub lists, complete fields, perform address standardization, and remove opt-out names.

Marketing Assets Inventory Management

View inventory counts and transaction history by SKU. Inventory levels kept current in real-time and quantities are monitored via thresholds.

Campaign Automation & Subscription Services

Enroll frontline users and manage their participation in recurring marketing campaigns and services.

Campaign Response Tracking

Response data from multiple sources (internal, Vya, third-party, etc.) are cleansed and displayed graphically on dashboards.


Standard or custom reporting options allow you to track usage, spend, asset downloads, campaigns, etc. Pull reports as needed or subscribe for reports to be automatically emailed.

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