Making simplified systems work within your organization takes a strong team of smart, dedicated people with an unwavering determination to simplify, ease transitions, solve problems and build relationships. Our leadership team lives up to this every day, creating order and simplicity in a complicated, constantly evolving space.

Jay Brokamp

As Vya’s CEO, Jay Brokamp leads his dedicated team with years of experience in business ownership and his expertise in the marketing, operations, financial and systems industries. He excels at developing strategic vision, and his inspirational leadership has built a strong, versatile team that aims to solve client problems and simplify in a constantly evolving space.

Kandi O’Connor
Chief Operating Officer

Kandi O’Connor has worked with clients for more than 20 years, helping them identify and address their most common local marketing challenges. Her passion and dedication to each client has helped her, and Vya, deliver solutions that work for their individual needs. Every day, she collaborates with clients across the insurance, finance, manufacturing industries – among others.

Terry Brokamp
Senior Vice President

Terry Brokamp is responsible for identifying, developing and packaging streamlined solutions for Vya’s diverse client base. He played a vital role in helping Vya become an industry leader during a time of immense change and growth. With his vast experience in sales management and his focus on strategy and execution, he has provided his clients with the solutions they need.

Allan Greer
Director, National Accounts

Allan Greer has a long-standing track record of successful business development, sales, marketing and client service for print services and marketing solutions targeted to a range of vertical industries. He is charged with developing and managing relationships with companies across the country that can benefit most from Vya’s print and digital marketing solutions.

Liz Schaefer
Director of Client Engagement

Liz Schaefer has worked with clients through a variety of roles, including project manager, marketing director, business development director and product development director. Her passion for marketing and technology has enabled her, and Vya, to work closely with clients in order to cultivate innovative, streamlined technology solutions.

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