Data-driven marketing solutions that grow the bottom line for Utilities.

We get it… utilities marketing is a balancing act.

The utilities industry creates a unique set of challenges for marketers, from rising energy costs to changing energy consumption behaviors and economic fluctuations. You’re tasked with addressing these challenges while also balancing:

  • Shareholder demand for profitable year-over-year growth.
  • Lack of customer awareness of existing product and service options that can fulfill their expectations to control energy usage and costs.
  • Energy Efficiency programs that reflect industry priorities but may not adequately consider customer needs and participation drivers that sometimes conflict with those priorities.

Today’s sophisticated Utilities consumer has high expectations. They expect you to know who they are and what they need. They tune out generic promotions for cookie-cutter products and value personalized marketing of relevant solutions. Vya can help you understand and engage these savvy customers while also fulfilling your overall business goals.

Utility Program Marketing – From Concept to Campaign Completion

Our understanding of what drives utility customers paired with a deep understanding of utility programs ensures program marketing that generates results.

Program Expertise

  • Billing
  • Energy Efficiency / Demand Response
  • Home Protection
  • Renewables

Program Design

  • Strategy
  • Analytics and targeting
  • Messaging
  • Creative
  • Measurement and reporting

Production & Execution

  • Data management
  • Creative development
  • Print and digital
  • Campaign tracking and analysis

Gain Greater Advantages with Data

We leverage data intelligence to optimize marketing effectiveness and customer lifetime value. Knowing our clients’ customers leads to greater results such as lower acquisition costs, improved customer satisfaction, and more accurate planning and forecasting.

Specialized Capabilities for Utilities Marketers

A Holistic Approach to Utilities Marketing

Vya helps you know and deliver what your customer wants while enabling you to achieve your goals. This holistic approach delivers a formula for success that concentrates on four key areas: Customer Engagement, Analytics, Customer Messaging and Channel Marketing, and Customer Data Management.

Customer Engagement

Offer relevant experiences and programs that make your customer more likely to engage with you and be open to what you have to say.


Understand your customers’ wants, needs and expectations. Develop clear insights into the performance of your programs and campaigns that you can translate into actionable outcomes.

Customer Messaging and Channel Marketing

Optimize the results from your current marketing strategy by communicating with your customers in ways they prefer to get information from you. Experience high program retention rates and maximize your ROI.

Customer Data Management

Examine your customer data in meaningful, actionable ways. Ensure your data is as secure as it needs to be.

Utility Customer Insights

Vya can help you understand your customers at the individual level, ensuring a customer experience that leads to increased program adoption and satisfaction, while lowering cost of acquisition and reducing customer fatigue.

Discover utilities marketing that balances revenue performance with consumption trends.

  • Reduced redundancy and more efficiency
  • Higher return on your marketing investment
  • Lower cost of acquisition
  • Improved financial performance
  • Higher customer engagement
  • Relevant, valued communication
  • Reduced marketing fatigue
  • Intel and insights to make informed decisions
  • Growing satisfaction and loyalty
  • Growing brand trust

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