Our white papers dive into common local marketing challenges across multiple industries. We explore challenges and offer solutions to help make marketing a little easier and a lot more effective.


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Building Competitive Advantage eBook
3 Keys to Outperforming your Market
Learn how to make your company more competitive by addressing 3 key elements within your marketing operation.
Franchise Industry Local Marketing Report
Guide franchisee marketing plans with industry data
This research report from BIA Advisory Services provides data that franchisors can use to support the local marketing initiatives of their franchisees. Get the report now, at no cost, compliments of Vya.
Research: Strategic Bank Marketing
Learn the traits of high-impact bank marketing organizations
This research report, from Cornerstone Advisors, provides actionable guidance for elevating the strategic influence of bank marketing departments. Get the report now, at no cost, compliments of Vya.
Bank Marketing Optimization Playbook
Becoming more strategic with marketing resource management
69.3% of banking CMO’s are “rarely” or “never” asked to present at Board of Director meetings. This playbook helps you identify specific steps you can take to increase marketing’s strategic impact.
Unlock the power of franchisees
Drive sales with localized, branded and easy-to-implement campaigns
Reaching consumers and standing out from competitors are big challenges for any marketer. When working with franchisees, that challenge can feel bigger. Fortunately, standing out can be simpler than you would think.
Build a better brand, from the bottom up
Engage sales channels for better customer experience
Today's shopping experience is changing. Pushing branding and marketing messages down the sales funnel no longer works. Brands have to be wherever consumers are, and stand out with interesting, compelling messages. Learn how.
Engage agents in joint marketing initiatives
Empower insurance agents to drive more sales
A disconnect can exist between insurance carriers and the local agents who sell their products. It’s not hard to see why. This white paper examines four ways carriers can engage local agents in joint marketing initiatives.
Do more with simplified marketing operations
Assess, streamline marketing operations
As marketers, the daily requests from local branches and sales teams can be enough to overwhelm and distract from big picture, strategic initiatives. Learn how a simplified approach to marketing can help you do more, with less.
The Gleansight benchmark report on MRM
Understand the benefits of marketing resource management (MRM)
Marketing resource management is the backbone for daily marketing operations and campaign execution. This white paper from Gleanster, a third party firm, delves into MRM. Note: Vya is referred to by its former name DocuStar.
Gleanster’s roadmap to local marketing success
A deep dive into MRM
Explore the role of marketing operations technology among top performing companies, and how it drives local marketing success among affiliate marketers. This white paper is courtesy of Gleanster, a third party research firm.
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