Vya's Campaign Execution Services:
Relate to Your Audience and Deliver Results

Vya's Campaign Execution Services

Marketing campaigns are growing in complexity as it becomes increasingly important to localize and individualize outreach. Let us manage your tactical campaign execution so you can stay focused on strategic marketing initiatives.

Explore Campaigns:

Put data into action.

Data is the essential ingredient for advancing your marketing campaign success. Vya can help you organize and structure the customer data you own and supplement it with third-party data to better target your audience and refine your marketing campaign strategies.

Identify Your Business Objectives

You're Goal-Oriented, And So Are We

Whether you want to acquire, nurture, onboard, retain, cross-sell, up-sell or win back customers, Vya’s campaign execution services will help you achieve your goals.


Generate new business for your company with campaigns designed to attract new customers.

Leads to Close / Nurture

Take leads generated via online sign-ups, applications, initial appointments, events, etc. and convert them into customers. These campaigns have a regular cadence and converted customers are suppressed from future outreach.


Engage new customers with campaigns guiding them through your onboarding journey.


Retain existing customers with campaigns focused on their specific needs, interests, and lifecycle stage.

Cross-Sell / Up-Sell

Deepen relationships with existing customers by presenting additional products or services.


Invite existing customers to earn an incentive by recommending you to others.


Engage former customers and convince them to return to your business. These campaigns have a regular cadence and converted customers are suppressed from future outreach.

Determine Your Campaign Execution Approach

Corporate-Controlled or Locally Driven or Somewhere in Between

Whether centrally managing a corporate marketing campaign or empowering your local teams to customize campaigns for greater local relevance, our solutions provide the flexibility you need for your execution strategy.

Corporate Level

Campaigns are initiated by your corporate department and executed across a broad area. Respondents are directed to corporate response channels or local response channels through customization of variable fields.

Local On-Demand Campaigns

Provide local representatives with assets for executing customizable marketing campaigns on-demand through our marketing resource management system.

Subscription Campaigns

Enable local representatives to subscribe (or enroll) to participate in scheduled customizable marketing campaigns through our marketing resource management system.

Discover the Possibilities

With Vya managing the data execution details, you enjoy more options for how your campaigns are delivered to market.

Target Your Audience

Take Aim at Campaign Success

Getting targeting right is crucial. Our team can help with customer data management and targeted list purchasing.

Customer Data Management

Customer data from multiple sources is aggregated, cleaned, augmented, and structured.

List Purchasing

Enable local representatives the abilty to purchase lists filtered by demographic characteristics through our marketing resource management system.

Engage Your Audience

Building Connections

Different audience segments respond differently to different marketing messages and channels. From direct mail to email, Vya’s campaign execution services can help you execute the right marketing mix for engaging your targets.

Measure Results and Manage Data

Tracking Performance for Smarter Campaign Execution

Marketing campaigns are goldmines of data and insights that help to continually improve marketing success. Vya can help you track performance and manage data so you can make informed decisions on future marketing campaigns and strategies.

Campaign Reporting

Campaign results are aggregated and consolidated into reports.

Marketing Database

Aggregate data from key systems along with campaign response data creating a valuable repository of information to enable informed marketing strategies.

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