In franchise marketing, the secret to
bottom line success is frontline impact

Whoever Said Franchise Marketing Is Easy Wasn’t a Franchise Marketer

Franchise marketing is hard. You’re tasked with building a strong and consistent national brand that has local relevance. That means you have to find a way to effectively execute marketing campaigns and programs across tens or hundreds or even thousands of locations. For multi-brand franchise marketers, the complexity is even greater.

A key to your success is how well you empower franchisee success. Vya helps you do just that. Our marketing portal solutions and print production services, backed by our exceptional service and support, enable you to activate and support your frontlines and achieve your bottom-line goals.

Frontline-Focused Solution for Franchise Marketers

Vya understands the importance of your franchisees. That’s why we develop the tools and resources you need to support your frontlines and drive marketing impact.

  • Vya’s marketing resource management gives you total control over your brand and enables local markets to customize assets to resonate more deeply with local customers
  • With Vya’s system, corporate provides frontline access to marketing calendars, campaign kits, brochures, mailers, posters, in-store signage and much more
  • Electronic approval process makes it simple for corporate teams to review and approve materials
  • Schedule and group print runs and mail drops for greater cost savings
  • Enable franchisees to customize, order and produce powerful, approved branded materials
  • Manage versions, revisions and approvals of marketing assets
  • Easily manage and execute local marketing campaigns including customer acquisition, retention, cross-sell/upsell, referrals, winbacks and more
  • Customer targeting ensures your well-crafted campaigns reach a receptive audience
  • Exceptional service and support for franchisees shows you care about their success
  • Multiple channels of support, including phone, email, chat and knowledge base, ensure your franchisees get the help they need to execute local marketing campaigns and programs
  • Continuous development of the franchisee user experience will prove to your franchisees that you want to make their job easier
  • Streamlined systems and processes ensure franchisees can get the support they need without overwhelming your team with daily requests

Local intelligence – there’s nothing artificial about it.

Drive franchisee success with local-level targeted marketing that is simplified with templated marketing assets configured specifically to your target profiles.

Flexibility to Scale and Support Field Operations

Single brand. Multi-location. Multi-brand platform companies. No matter your franchise business model or the breadth of your distributed organization, Vya’s got you covered.

Reduce Your Workload and Drive Improved Results for Franchisees

Boost local sales by enabling local teams to customize, order and distribute personalized marketing materials to connect with local audiences. Streamline the process for custom creative requests management. Enable franchisees to easily adjust pricing in their location profile to auto-populate on associated templates. Let Vya manage the production and fulfillment of rightsized LTO / Seasonal kits.

Game-Changing Efficiencies for Multi-Brand Franchises

For multi-brand franchise marketers, the right technology, tools and processes are essential for capitalizing on the improved efficiency of the brand family structure. With Vya’s marketing portal system you can manage marketing assets for all brands in one online system. Engage local franchisees in one central location, with easy-to-access cross-selling campaigns and other resources. Track and monitor campaign engagement and results across brands for improved customer targeting and cross-selling.

Features Designed for Franchise Marketers

An Industry-Focused Approach to Franchise Marketing

Working closely with our franchise clients, we’ve been able to develop solutions that truly impact the success of local marketing operations. Better managed workflows, frontline-focused features and UX, and the ability to customize and automate local campaigns that drive franchisee participation, customer engagement and revenue.

Marketing Asset Management

Provide a branded “online shopping” experience for ordering materials. Assets made available only to specified franchisees or groups. Provide marketing collateral, digital assets, logos, videos, images or any files in real time.

Customizable Materials

Enable franchisees to customize templated materials while ensuring brand compliance. Fields can be auto-populated with data from user profiles or location profiles. Materials can be co-branded as appropriate.

Creative Requests Management

Enable franchisees to request changes to existing materials or request new materials through the platform.

Menu / Price List Flexibility

Allow franchisees to easily adjust items offered and pricing. Updates made within their location profile automatically populate on associated templates.

Approval Workflows

Customized pieces and requests can be automatically routed through workflows for review and approval.

LTO / Seasonal Auto-order Placement

Using data stored in the location profile, Vya auto-orders and fulfills rightsized kits on behalf of franchisees.

Campaign Automation & Subscription Services

Enroll franchisees and manage their participation in set-it-and-forget-it marketing campaigns and services.

Budget Management

Easily distribute funding for grand openings. Provide funds as incentives for recommended activity. Better control local marketing spend.

Payment Flexibility

Provide franchisees with the option to pay by credit card, use budgeted funds or allocate to a cost center. Available payment options can vary by user and/or items being ordered.

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