The Buyer’s Guide
To Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Systems

Discover the Most Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Marketing Portal Technology Partner


Choosing the Right Marketing Portal Technology Partner Could Be the Determining Factor in Your Marketing Success

We are living in a time when the capacity for operational efficiency and flexibility is paramount, particularly for distributed organizations. With these objectives in mind, 60% of marketing organizations have centralized some or all of the marketing function in the quest for operational efficiency.*

Why does centralization matter? First, there are the unique complexities of operating a distributed marketing organization. Centralization makes marketing easier for you and your frontlines. It also enables you to support a variety of marketing roles and address the diverse expertise, geography, and priorities of contributors, participants and users. There’s also the all-important ability to maximize the impact and ROI of your investments in technology.

Advances in technology, changing customer needs, and other market and societal forces are converging to evolve and expand the marketing function. As marketing’s role and responsibilities continue to expand, the ability to drive operational effectiveness and organizational growth is increasingly tied to investments in marketing talent, technology, practices and processes.

This means building a next-generation marketing operation.

A marketing resource management system is the foundational technology for optimizing marketing operations. Advanced marketing technology is a long-term investment, which is why it’s important to carefully consider your options. This Buyer’s Guide is designed to help you identify the right MRM system and technology partner for advancing your distributed marketing organization and the growth of your business.

* Gartner (2023)