The Buyer’s Guide
To Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Systems

Discover the Most Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Marketing Portal Technology Partner

Assessing Your Marketing Resource Management Needs - continued

As you consider whether you need a new or better MRM system, take a close look at how your team spends its time. You’ll likely identify tasks that can be eliminated or redistributed internally. You will also likely uncover opportunities for automation.

So, where do you want to spend your time?

Everyday Marketing Tasks

Big Picture Marketing Strategy

Focus on daily marketing checklist:

  • Manually respond to email and phone requests from the frontlines for approved marketing materials, custom creative, budget reports and more.

  • Reviews and revisions to marketing materials are coordinated through email chains, shepherded through approvals, and stored in siloed archives with unreliable version control.

  • Marketing staff chases down marketing assets and coordinates fulfillment for numerous frontline locations with varied needs and local resources.

Streamline everyday tasks:

  • Store the most recent marketing assets in the system where frontlines and other departments can search, find and update materials with new logos, phone numbers or other changes, within minutes.

  • Electronic workflows route materials to the next person in the approval process. All reviews, edits and changes are captured within the system, making it easy for marketing teams to manage versions and approvals.

  • Enable materials to be automatically ordered on behalf of frontlines with customization variables and order quantities driven by data stored in each location profile. Easily track fulfillment within the system.

Manage budgets manually with a mix of spreadsheets and reports that rely on consistent team member input.

Manage budgets easily through the system in a way that provides autonomy to local markets while maintaining corporate oversight. Enables marketing teams to assign, review and approve budgets in one place, including co-op, marketing development funds (MDF) or other marketing spends by frontline teams and representatives.

Get bogged down in marketing minutia, leaving little time for strategic marketing efforts that can optimize marketing’s impact.

Achieve organization-wide impact with technology that optimizes marketing operations and streamlines processes for frontlines and other departments.

If you want to transition from task-centered marketing to strategic, big picture marketing, it’s time to begin your search for the right Marketing Resource Management technology partner and system to help you get there.