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Insurance Marketing that Builds Loyalty and Grows Business with Local Insurance Agents

Insurance marketing is complex and often stressful. Insurance marketers are tasked with supporting and entrusting their brands to so many local insurance agents, in so many regions, with so many demands. At Vya, we’ve figured out how to reduce the complexity and the stress level, while also driving field marketing success. Our marketing resource management system and print production services help you develop stronger relationships with the all-important local insurance agents you rely on to promote your brand and products.

Locally Focused Insurance Marketing Hub

Local insurance agents are your greatest assets. Supporting their marketing needs might be your greatest challenge. That’s why we’ve developed marketing resource management and print production tools and resources that will help you support your agents and drive marketing impact.

  • Empower your local agents to reach local audiences with a centralized, online storefront for marketing
  • Provide tools to connect with consumers and deliver powerful messages that resonate
  • We make it easy for agents to customize direct mail pieces, email campaigns, agency signage, ads, sales brochures and more
  • Enable local insurance agents to customize, order and produce powerful, branded materials
  • Easily manage and execute automated local marketing campaigns including customer acquisition, nurture, onboarding, retention, cross-sell/upsell, referrals, winbacks and more
  • The Vya support team goes above and beyond to ensure your agents are well cared for
  • Provide agents with access to local marketing and co-op dollars to help drive sales and raise brand awareness
  • The Vya system gives you a clear view of where and how budgets are being spent
  • With Vya, easily track, assign and review multiple types of budgeted and co-op funds

Better, Smarter Marketing with Data

Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing programs with a solution that combines data intelligence with sophisticated marketing customization.

Easily Maintain Compliance

Keeping current with compliance measures requires efficiency and diligence. The Vya system enables corporate to update critical information in one place and push it out to all relevant marketing materials, ensuring you don’t miss a beat or become subject to compliance violations.

Flexibility to Scale and Quickly Activate Local-level Marketing

With Vya’s solutions you can easily scale your operation to support the growth across your insurance company and quickly arm your agents to promote new products and to target new market segments.

Features Designed for Insurance Marketers

An Industry-Focused Approach to Insurance Marketing

Working closely with our insurance industry clients, we’ve been able to develop solutions that truly impact the success of their local marketing operations. Better managed workflows, frontline-focused features and UX, and the ability to customize and automate local campaigns that adhere to compliance and disclosure requirements.

Marketing Asset Management

Provide a branded “online shopping” experience for ordering materials. Assets made available only to specified users or groups. Provide marketing collateral, digital assets, logos, videos, images or any files in real time.

Compliance Management

Provide approved, compliant, templated materials. Workflow management includes legal and compliance approval.

Disclosure Management

Auto-update disclosure information across all affected assets by revising them once in a single global field. Also use for annuity rate updates.


Provide ads to users – in some cases ads can be automatically resized, or Vya can manage ad resizing, if requested.


Provide users email templates with customizable fields sent from an individual or no reply email. Unsubscribes are tracked and managed. eNewsletters can be sent automatically on the user’s behalf.

Campaign Automation & Subscription Services

Enroll agents and manage their participation in recurring marketing campaigns and services.

Direct Mail and EDDM®

Provide customizable mailers to agents which can be printed and distributed from Vya’s production facility. Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) carrier routes can also be selected through the system.

Print Production Services

Orders placed on the Vya system can be printed at Vya’s production facility delivering high-quality, professional materials to represent your insurance brand.

Insights for Insurance Marketers

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