The Buyer’s Guide
To Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Systems

Discover the Most Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Marketing Portal Technology Partner

Finding the Right Fit

Why Vya?

At Vya, we are always thinking about how to advance and simplify the way distributed marketing organizations operate. We bring determination and a commitment to exceptional service and support. We embrace the smart use of data intelligence and automation, and solve marketing operations challenges to make your job easier. We do this while providing your local markets with tools needed to resonate more deeply with your customers.

How We’re Different

Vya is committed to frontline success for distributed marketing organizations. We deliver distributed marketing solutions that empower your frontline operations and enable you to achieve your marketing and business goals. This is why we are trusted by businesses across financial services, franchising, insurance, manufacturing and more.

Our marketing resource management system is powered by data. We make it possible for you to experience the impact of a data-powered solution that delivers your marketing resources to the frontlines of your organization, enabling your marketing initiatives to be more effective, more efficient, and more actionable.

Our culture and corporate values permeate all that we do. From supporting and inspiring confidence in each other, to working to achieve our highest potential, to our dedication to creating solutions that make a sustainable impact – we channel all of this to advance the marketing capabilities and results for you.

Vya Is…

Experienced, Knowledgeable – about MRM technology, distributed marketing operations, your industry, print production services

Innovative – continuous development; finding ways to make marketing easier for distributed organizations

A True Marketing Partner – committed to your success and the success of your frontlines/field representatives/agents