More Than Half of Bank Marketers Not Spending Enough Time on Strategy: New Report by Cornerstone Advisors, Available from Vya

CINCINNATI, Ohio (July 17, 2019) – A new report by banking and technology consulting firm A new report by banking and technology consulting firm Cornerstone Advisors sheds light on what influences Marketing’s role in a banking organization. Making Marketing Strategic: How Marketing Can Improve Its Strategic Contribution in Mid-Size Financial Institutions, available for download, courtesy of Vya, reveals that more than half of bank marketing executives are not spending enough time on marketing strategy development and planning (57%) and corporate strategy development and planning (57%).


For the report, Cornerstone surveyed senior marketing executives from 65 mid-size ($1 billion to $50 billion in assets) financial institutions about the extent to which Marketing in their organizations was making a strategic contribution and the factors influencing those contributions.


“What often gets overlooked in the discussion of the top challenges faced by bank marketers, is how well-prepared and well-positioned Marketing is to deal with these challenges,” said report co-author Ron Shevlin, Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors. “This report identifies the processes, technologies, internal relationships and other organizational factors that characterize Marketing departments with strong strategic impact and influence in their organizations—offering valuable guidance to those looking to improve their Marketing department’s strategic contribution.”


“It’s important for bank marketing executives to understand and overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from participating in and influencing the strategic decision-making processes in their organizations,” said Kandi O’Connor, COO of Vya. “At Vya, we’ve seen how Marketing can contribute to a bank’s strategic success. Marketing bridges a bank’s strategic direction and daily execution, with a keen understanding of what matters to today’s banking customers.”


Highlights from the report include:

• 5 habits of strategic marketing influencers

• 15 charts presenting findings from Cornerstone’s survey of senior marketing executives from 65 mid-size financial institutions

• Excerpts from one-on-one interviews with five senior marketing executives

• Cornerstone’s recommendations for improving Marketing’s strategic impact


Webinar July 24 – 1:00 pm EDT
Cornerstone and Vya will host a free webinar on Wednesday, July 24, at 1:00 pm EDT, to discuss key findings from the “Making Marketing Strategic” report. Cornerstone’s Shevlin and Vya’s O’Connor will discuss how bank marketing departments can improve their strategic influence within their financial institutions. They will explain the five habits that distinguish highly strategic marketing organizations and provide actionable recommendations for growing strategic influence within a financial institution. Click here for additional information and webinar registration.


Get the Report
More trends and insights related to Marketing’s role within banking organizations are examined in Cornerstone’s Making Marketing Strategic: How Marketing Can Improve Its Strategic Contribution in Mid-Size Financial Institutions. Download the full report, courtesy of Vya.


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