Vya Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation in Marketing Execution and Print Production Services

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Nov. 20, 2018)Vya, a leading provider of simplified marketing execution for distributed organizations, is celebrating 25 years delivering marketing execution and print production services to customers in a variety of industries, including financial services, franchising, manufacturing and insurance.


Since its launch in 1993 as DocuStar, a wholesale provider of copy services to the printing trade, Vya has successfully navigated a changing marketplace. The company rebranded in 2015 as Vya, and has evolved into a provider of end-to-end marketing resource management solutions designed to help companies customize, localize and efficiently manage their marketing, messaging and materials for more relevance, impact and overall business success.


“Technology has dramatically changed marketing execution and fulfillment, since DocuStar launched a quarter century ago,” said Jay Brokamp, CEO of Vya. “What hasn’t changed, is our highly personalized approach to customer service, which has enabled us to grow and evolve in partnership with our clients.”


The company’s longevity is due in part to its ability to predict and adapt to industry trends, and its future continues to be tied to investing in technology.


“With each new wave of technological advancement in marketing and print production, Vya has discovered new ways to support and contribute to the success of our customers,” said Kandi O’Connor, COO, Vya. “We are truly excited for the next 25 years!”


Vya’s seasoned team of design, data, development, marketing, production and programming personnel guides its clients throughout each successful campaign – by understanding their business, their objectives and their budgets.


Highlights from 25 Years of Business Success

In concert with its leading MRM platform, Vya continues to invest in the latest technologies and equipment for delivering cutting-edge print production services. Below are a few of the highlights and milestones from Vya’s 25 years of business success.


  • DocuStar is founded in 1993 with four employees, providing wholesale copying services to the printing trade
  • First commercial printer in Cincinnati to install Xerox’s DocuTech™, the first commercial digital printer.
  • One of the first companies to use a Canon 300 color copier.
  • In its first five years, DocuStar grew by 30-40% per year, with almost 600 customers
  • By the year 2000, with the emergence of desktop publishing, DocuStar evolved to meet changing market conditions, offering new services, advising graphic designers, marketers and business owners on how to get files from workstations to printers.
  • In 2000, as desktop publishing proliferated, DocuStar recognized the need for document control in corporate America – to maintain branding standards and compliance. This led to the development of marketing resource management software that allowed a company to control what was printed across its distributed organization.
  • In 2005, DocuStar left copiers behind and went all digital, hiring people with skillsets necessary to become digital press experts.
  • In 2015 DocuStar rebrands as Vya, to more accurately represent the company as a provider of viable, simple solutions, seamlessly integrating technology, custom print and fulfillment services, for end-to-end marketing resource management.
  • Since 2015, Vya has continued to enhance its MRM platform and print production capabilities with the addition of compliance features, creative production systems, ad systems, local profile management and custom creative request management tools, and the acquisition of a large-format LED printer and new Xerox presses.
  • As of 2018, Vya has grown the user community of its MRM platform to nearly 53,000, across a diverse range of client organizations nation-wide in industries such as financial services, franchising, insurance and manufacturing.


About Vya

Vya (@vya_systems) offers businesses a full range of integrated marketing resource management tools to help customers simplify and localize marketing efforts. The company combines 25 years of print fulfillment experience with the latest technology to provide a platform to help companies customize their marketing, messaging and materials. Learn more about Vya at vyasystems.com or contact Vya at 800-426-7921 or sales@vyasystems.com.


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