Vya Expands Compliance Features of its Marketing Resource Management System for Bank Marketers

Enhanced features help curb regulatory compliance costs by automating tasks associated with cobranding activities, direct mail/email opt-outs, and sponsorship/membership requests.


CINCINNATI, Ohio (Sept. 20, 2016)Vya, a leading provider of simplified local marketing systems for distributed organizations, today announced it has expanded the regulatory compliance features of its marketing research management system for bank marketers. The enhanced features will help reduce costs associated with regulatory compliance by automating tasks related to cobranding activities and disclosures, direct mail and email opt-outs, and sponsorship and membership requests.


“The cost of regulatory compliance continues to rise for bank marketers, and the cost for non-compliance can be even higher,” said Kandi O’Connor, COO of Vya. “Our expanded compliance features are intended to lessen some of the burden on bank marketers by automating certain compliance-related tasks. These automated processes not only help reduce costs, they also provide verifiable records required to demonstrate compliance.”


Sponsorship/Membership Request Management

Vya’s sponsorship and membership request management tool automates and supports compliance of requests for corporate funding of sponsorships and association memberships. The first step in the process requires the requester to download policies and guidelines for sponsorship/membership. Once the policies and guidelines are downloaded, the requester completes a customized request form, which requires specific levels of management to review and approve or deny the request. The request will only be moved up the approval chain after each level of review is completed, approved and documented.


Cobranding Activities Management

Vya has built a cobranding portal to manage the complexities of cobranding activities between mortgage loan officers and realtors/partners. The system manages and clearly documents a range of cobranding activities, from the creation, legal review and approval of marketing materials, to the reporting and secured payment processing of shared costs.


Bank-Level Opt-Out Management

Vya now enables banks to manage multiple layers of direct mail and email opt-outs across the organization, down to the branch level. This makes it possible, for example, for opt-outs received at the corporate level to be reflected in contact lists uploaded by sales personnel at local branches. The system also allows for the suppression of contacts based on specific criteria (e.g., don’t send certain promotions to existing customers; don’t send specific product communications to contacts in states where the bank is not authorized to sell those products). Vya’s opt-out management also provides best-practice guidance for avoiding the potentially costly consequences of non-compliance with the strict Canadian Anti-Spam Law.


All of the expanded compliance management features integrate with Vya’s marketing resource management (MRM) software. Vya’s full suite of local marketing solutions for bank marketers includes:

• Marketing Resource Management Systems

• Local Marketing Budget Systems

• Ad Pre-Approval Systems

• Interactive Display Systems

• Direct Mail/EDDM

• Web to Print

• Promotional Products


Vya will be demonstrating its MRM solutions, including the expanded compliance features at next week’s ABA Bank Marketing Conference, Sept. 25-27, in Nashville. Attendees are invited to stop by Vya’s exhibit, booth #208, for a personal demonstration.


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