Vya Launches Content Resource Management Solution for Contech Engineered Solutions

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Sept. 19, 2017)Vya, a leading provider of simplified marketing execution for distributed organizations, today announced it has been selected to provide content resource management, print production services, and materials distribution for Contech Engineered Solutions, a provider of site solutions, including bridge, drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary sewer and stormwater management products, for engineers, contractors, architects and owners.


Contech turned to Vya for an automated solution to manage an extensive library of approximately 120 marketing and informational documents—from installation and maintenance guides, to flyers, brochures and white papers—which are used by some 200 engineers and representatives across the country in implementing Contech’s solutions.


Contech was looking for a high-touch support partner that could act as an extension of the company, able to maintain the same-day turnaround capabilities it had become accustomed to through its existing internal process, while increasing efficiencies in production, inventory management, and version control.


Vya’s end-to-end solution enables Contech to efficiently print, fulfill, and track document orders and inventory. New collateral can easily be made available through the Web-based system, which manages inventory with re-order threshold notifications. The new online site will also handle fulfillment of Contech promotional items, like branded t-shirts and ball caps. With Vya in place, administrative staff who were previously responsible for manual fulfillment of content orders can now focus on other activities.


“We are delighted to be working with Contech, such a highly respected and established company in its industry,” said Terry Brokamp, senior vice president, Vya. “Our relationship with Contech is an excellent example of how Vya’s MRM system can be used across a wide range of industries with varied requirements—in this case, to support manufacturing and engineering efficiencies.”


Learn more about Vya’s marketing resource management solutions at http://www.vyasystems.com/systems.



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