Vya Offers EDDM Within the Marketing Resource Management System

U.S. Postal Service offering is now an automated part of Vya’s MRM


Cincinnati, November 5, 2015 – Vya clients have a new, convenient option for simplifying direct mail through automation.


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a direct mail offering from the U.S. Postal Service that targets specific carrier routes within a surrounding community. EDDM is best suited for companies that only need to target geographically, like car washes, hair salons, gyms, carpet cleaners and more. The postage rates are very attractive – down to 18 or 16 cents from 49 cents for other mailers. Marketers also save money because they don’t actually purchase a mailing list.


“We saw EDDM as a growing need that could provide real value for our clients, so we upgraded to add that to our marketing resource management (MRM) system,” said Jay Brokamp, CEO of Vya. “We can now provide this additional option for clients – they can either upload their own lists, purchase a mailing list or choose EDDM.”


The EDDM option is available at the click of a button for Vya clients as part of its MRM system. There’s no need to make a phone call to Vya or go to the USPS website; it’s all automated for their convenience.


“This is another example of how responsive our team is to our clients’ needs,” Brokamp said. “When we recognize an opportunity, we can provide these types of upgrades because of the agility of our people and our system.”


About Vya

Vya (formerly DocuStar) offers businesses a full range of integrated marketing resource management tools to help customers simplify and localize marketing efforts. The company combines more than 20 years of print fulfillment experience with the latest technology to provide a platform to help companies customize their marketing, messaging and materials. Learn more about Vya here: vyasystems.com.


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