Vya Unveils Fresh User Experience for Its Marketing Resource Management Systems

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Jan. 28, 2020) – Vya, a leading provider of simplified marketing execution for distributed organizations, today unveiled a new user experience for its marketing resource management systems. The updated UX offers a clean and simplified view, with the most used resources prominently featured, making it easier than ever for clients to quickly find what they need, so they can carry on with their busy work day.


Vya’s MRM systems help multi-location businesses, like franchises, financial services and banks, manufacturers and insurance companies, efficiently implement local marketing campaigns, while maintaining control of messaging and streamlining marketing workflow.


“Our clients look to Vya to help them manage their marketing assets and deploy campaigns as efficiently as possible, across many locations,” said Kandi O’Connor, COO, Vya. “This new user experience for our MRM systems is designed with their input and interests in mind, and demonstrates our commitment to making their complex and busy jobs easier.”


The new UX was developed in partnership with a best-in-class UX research and design firm, and incorporates input from experienced and casual users alike, across industries and organizations, including large and small companies. The design, which was validated by users throughout the process, takes cues from leading e-commerce sites, but differs from those models, which are often designed for lingering and discovery. In contrast, the Vya site helps users quickly find what they need and get on with their busy day, affirming Vya’s mission.


Key features include:


• Redesigned home page with modern look and feel that is focused on clients’ immediate priorities, with high-usage items up front and fewer clicks required to get to resources. Less important items were removed from the home page, enabling the most important resources to command prominence, resulting in quicker access.


• Improved search functionality is faster and smarter, enabling users to efficiently get to the information and resources they want.


• Helpful Links are customizable shortcuts to resources within or outside the Vya system, and are configured without any development involvement.


“Common client needs across the Vya system served as the basis of our new design,” said Jeff Amfahr, Director of Development for Vya. “We also included customizability to address the unique needs of each client, such as the new ‘helpful links’ feature, which makes it easy to create shortcuts to an organization’s most in-demand assets and information, within and outside the Vya system – without the involvement of development.”


The new UX was recently rolled out to all current Vya clients, and the transition has been exceptionally smooth, owing to the intuitive design and the support of helpful training resources, including video- and webinar-based training, and “guided journey” hints that are served to users when they log in for the first time. Users have expressed particular delight over the refreshed look and feel of the site across devices, its simplified navigation and search capabilities, and the new customizable “helpful links” feature.


Learn more about Vya’s marketing resource management systems at: http://www.vyasystems.com/systems/marketing-resource-systems/




Vya (@vya_systems) offers businesses a full range of integrated marketing resource management tools to help customers simplify and localize marketing efforts. The company combines more than 20 years of print fulfillment experience with the latest technology to provide a platform to help companies customize their marketing, messaging and materials. Learn more about Vya at vyasystems.com or contact Vya at 800-426-7921 or sales@vyasystems.com.

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