Vya Unveils 2 MRM Tools that Help Franchisors Attract, Support & Delight Franchisees

Vya’s Local Profile Management and Custom Creative Request Management save time, reduce waste, drive customization, increase accuracy and advance the success of localized marketing.


CINCINNATI, Ohio (June 12, 2018)Vya, a leading provider of simplified marketing execution for distributed organizations, today announced two new marketing resource management (MRM) tools that help franchisors attract, support and delight franchisees. Vya’s local profile management and custom creative request management appeal to franchisors and franchisees alike because they are easy to implement and use, save time, reduce waste, drive customization, increase accuracy and ultimately advance the success of a franchise’s localized marketing programs.


“Running a franchise – whether it’s one location or several – is a time-intensive enterprise, so when it comes to marketing, it needs to be quick and uncomplicated, without sacrificing accuracy and local relevance,” said Kandi O’Connor, COO, Vya. “Our two new tools effectively address these priorities, and as a result, enable franchisors to provide better localized marketing assets with better marketing support, which can help attract and retain franchisees.”


Local Profile Management

Local profile management is a highly flexible and customizable tool that allows a franchise brand to create rich location profiles that can drive more efficient and effective local marketing operations. These individualized profiles contain location data, such as contact information, hours of operation, product pricing and structural details for each franchise location.


What distinguishes local profile management is its sophisticated, yet easy-to-use software, combined with Vya’s hands-on service that makes setup and updates a breeze. Vya configures the fields and loads the data into the location profiles on the Vya system. A franchisee simply selects a marketing asset, such as a mailer or menu, and their data is auto-populated into the piece.


Additional benefits provided by local profile management include:

  • Ease of use and updates: all the user has to do is choose their location and the system populates the correct information into whatever marketing asset is selected.

  • Time savings: a franchisee with multiple locations can manage marketing needs for multiple locations from a single login, unlike other systems that require separate logins for each location.

  • Data accuracy: once input, data automatically populates a wide variety of marketing assets with information that is customized to each location. This reduces errors in printed materials caused by having to repeatedly and/or manually input details.

  • Less waste: When a franchisee orders an item like a table tent or window cling, quantities and dimensions are auto-populated based on location data from the profile, like number of tables or number and dimensions of windows. This reduces waste and associated costs from ordering excessive quantities or the wrong size for the location’s structural design.


Custom Creative Request Management

 Vya’s custom creative request management allows a franchisor to efficiently fulfill custom design requests from franchisees while freeing up the corporate design team to focus on more creative design work that can advance the franchise brand.


The system can handle requests for completely new marketing assets as well as modifications to existing templated materials.


A franchisee completes a creative request form in the Vya system which is automatically routed through a pre-configured workflow. The franchisor reviews the request and approves, denies, comments or fulfills it. If fulfilled, a creative piece is uploaded and routed through the Vya system to the franchisee.


Additional benefits of custom creative request management include:

  • Insight about local marketing needs: because the system provides a record of all custom requests, the design team and marketing management can identify changes that need to be made universally to a template, or a new asset that is required based on repeat requests from the field.

  • Ability to manage franchisee expectations: Vya can program turnaround time based on a client’s available design resources. The system sets a due date for the designer and gives the franchisee an understanding of when to expect delivery of the designed piece.

  • Flexibility in design fulfillment and ability to scale design support: franchisors have the option of using their own design team for custom requests or they can use Vya’s. This eliminates the need to continually grow the internal design team as the franchise system grows. It can also free up the franchisor’s design team to focus on creative strategy that can advance a brand, which can have the additional benefit of attracting creative talent.


To see Vya’s local profile management and custom creative request management in action, request a demo at vyasystems.com/franchisesystems.


Vya will be showcasing these new features, along with its full suite of MRM solutions, at next week’s Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference (#FCMCon), June 19-21, in Atlanta. Attendees can visit Vya’s table #29 for a personal demonstration. In addition, attendees are invited to a workshop on Day 1 of the conference, titled, “Mapping the Customer Journey,” moderated by Vya’s Director of Marketing Martha France.


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