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When you manage co-op, MDF or other local marketing budgets across multiple regions, it can become a complex, time-consuming task to engage sales teams, encourage them to use the funds and keep up with approvals and requests. You need a simple solution to help you gain control of local marketing budgets, and get a clear picture of who is spending what, and where.

At Vya, we understand these challenges and needs. Our budget management systems empower you to efficiently track, assign, review, approve and manage all your local marketing budgets all in one portal. Measure activity in each market, identify best practices and share insights with teams across regions to help sales channels maximize local marketing budgets to reach local consumers and boost local sales.

Learn more about Vya’s systems for managing local marketing budgets, and about our people, whose dedicated support will help simplify your workflow, solve complicated problems and deliver the right solution for you.

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