Automate redundant, time-intensive marketing operations tasks.

Local marketing campaigns can be challenging.  Managing multiple markets, countless campaigns and localized marketing materials can take its toll on you and your team. Vya can help you focus your time where it needs to be: on planning and implementing strategic marketing plans; not chasing down approvals, tracking versions, customizing sales materials or other time-intensive marketing tasks. Vya helps simplify your marketing workflow with streamlined, automated marketing resource support. We work closely with you to create and implement automatic approval processes, customizable templates for localized marketing materials, and a seamless distribution process for printing and shipping approved marketing materials.


Even more importantly, our team goes beyond just offering solutions to your local marketing challenges. We are dedicated to developing, building, enhancing, delivering and supporting simple technology, products and services that seamlessly organize, customize, print, ship and deliver meaningful marketing materials to virtually any channel, platform or location.


Please take a moment to explore our site and learn more on how Vya is helping companies overcome common local marketing challenges, and how our teams are committed to creating order and simplicity in a space filled with chaos. 

Streamline, simplify local marketing initiatives
Benefits of MRM
Connecting with local consumers through local sales channels can become complex. Marketing resource management can help make local marketing simple again. Share key benefits on how MRM can help you achieve important business goals.
Gleanster’s roadmap to local marketing success
A deep dive into MRM
Explore the role of marketing operations technology among top performing companies, and how it drives local marketing success among affiliate marketers. This white paper is courtesy of Gleanster, a third party research firm.
Deliver a clear impact on business with MRM
Demonstrate MRM's ROI
It’s no secret that a marketing resource management system has a powerful impact on business. Here’s a simple overview to help you identify, outline and effectively communicate the value and impact of MRM to teammates and upper management.
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